Two Ways to Support MCS

The Minnetonka Choral Society is a non-profit organization organized under section 501c (3).  We depend upon our sponsors and are grateful for their support. Our annual costs include paid musicians, printing costs, soloist fees, Music Director salary and location rentals. Our members help support the organization through annual dues, purchase of music and volunteer time.

You may sponsor our choral organization in one of two ways:

Direct tax-deductible donations

  • Contact our fundraising chair
  • Call 952-476-1922 and leave a message
  • Use your credit card via our secure Donate button below

Concert tickets

  • Contact our ticket sales chair
  • Call 952-476-1922 and leave a message
  • Use your credit card via our secure Buy Now button below and
    pick up your tickets at Will Call

MCS Thanks Our Sponsors!

Margie and Pete Ankeny
Cub Foods, Shorewood
Lois K. Litin
Joan Madden
Sensor Electronics Corp.

Douglas Affinito
Lea Joergenson
Julie and Chris Johnson
Roxann Kay & Tom Crane
Klodt Incorporated
Martha and Charlie Michael
Gloria and Tom Wesely
James L. Monteith, CPA
Cub Foods Minnetonka
Dennis and Nickie Dillon
Cathie & Jerry Fischer
Paul and Mary Johnson
Joyce and Sam Marfield
The Business Bank
Jon and Joann Wangsness
Rita D. Welch
Linda Wood

Jerome and Linda Carlson
Bill and Susan Hickey
Marla and Tom Nelson
Jacque Ridgway
Arlene and Jerry Dohrman
Eckman, Strandness, and Egan
Jo Nielsen
John and Norma Pierson
World Trade Network Ltd.
Bill Handke
Paul and Camille Schroeder
Mona Gustafson Affinito
Albers Jewelry
Jeff and Greta Evans Becker
Vern Bittner
Anne and Nathaniel Brown
Charles J. Chapman
David Lee Funeral Home Wayzata
Deakyne's True Value Hardware, Inc.
Jean and Bob De Vere
Linda Eckman
Inez L. Gantz
Carol Tatley Gould
Marion and Woody Gray
Lee C. and Julietta Haren
Herb's Servicenter
Chris Jones
Charles N. Marvin, Jr., M.D.
Marion Dwyer Miller
Nesebar, Inc.
Margaret Nichols
Cathleen L. Nielsen
David and Sara Pierson
Sheila M. Pratt
Henry C. Reget and Beth Brackett
Karen and Steve Sanger
Naomi and Jack Scholes
Craig and Maureen Shaver
Dawn Van Tassel
Judy and Stu Vandenberg
E. Thomas Welch
Karen Wood
Barb and Roger Wothe

Kraemer's Hardware, Inc.
Nancy Ballsrud and Jim Nelson
Martha Geiger
Louise Setterquist
Karen S. Alsop In honor of my mother, Mary Speerschneider, who nurtured my love of music.
Rex and Virginia Andre
Bob and Gail Barsness
John and Nan Beard In Memory of D. James Nielsen
Mary Bisek
Mark J. and Mary E. Briol
Dr. Darrell K. Metcalf
In Memory of Ione Walz
In Memory of Margaret C. Dahlof
Mary Theresa Downing
Loren Dwyer
Doris and Chuck Ely
Tom and Patty Ely
Jacque and Ron Frazzini
Carol Gould
Pat Groeperv
William and Judith Handke
Keith A. and Elizabeth W. Horton
Karen Jacobson
Mary Johnson
In Memory of Carolyn White
Thomas Maimares
Michael McCarthy
Mariel Proops
Paul and Shirley Satterlund
Dale and Marilyn Simmons
Anna Slupko
Mary and Charles Speerschneider
Orlette Tatley
Orlette Tatley
Marcia Thoen and Art Smith
Virginia Ehrman, M.A., Licensed Psychologist
Bob and Mary Wrase
In Memory of Doug Wendler

Mary Theresa Downing
Lauren Johnson
Steven B. and Sherri A. Ingvarsson
Jeanne Reinhart
Jim and Cheryl Samples
Naomi and Jack Scholes
Margaret Walz
MOUND True Value Hardware & Paint
Jeannie Paris
Rosenthal Contemporary Furniture
Carolyn White
Shirley Bartee
Bennis Feed & Fuel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dietz
Robert E. Dumas
Julie M. Johnson
Jeanine Y. Landswerk
Xan Laurence
Felice Leadholm
In Memory of Carolyn White
Rx Artisans Inc.
Ann C. Warner
Famous Dave's
Carolyn L. Bevan
Jeffrey S. and Mary M. Bisek
Stephanie Brody
Geoffrey Ferster
Lois M. Flannery
Timothy P. Graf & Julie Stradel-Graf
Chris J. and Julie M. Johnsonv Joan E. Madden, M.D.
Margaret Nichols
Cathleen L. Nielsen
Jane Norling
Teresa Opheim
Margaret V. Rasmussen
Kathryn D. Reget
Tony Ricci
Stephen Anderson and Peka Savayan
Christi Siegel
Orlette Tatley
Virginia Ehrman, M.A., Licensed Psychologist
Gloria and Tom Wesely
Doreen A. Wiese
Joann H. Wildman
World Trade Network Ltd.
Roger Wothe
Sandra Ahlstrom
Rose Mary Byrne
Marcee Ludlow
Mary Bisek
Margie Dahlof
Christi Siegel
Virginia Ehrman, M.A., Licensed Psychologist

Famous Dave’s of Minnetonka
Gold Nugget Tavern & Grill
Lakewinds Natural Foods
Spasso Restaurant
Tonka Bottle Shop

Contemporary Images - Bob Frazzini
First Minnetonka City Bank
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Mizpah United Church of Christ
Priority Envelope, Inc.
St. Therese Church, Deephaven


We are proud to include these businesses among our supporters and hope you will join us in
applauding their partnership with the Minnetonka Choral Society.

Minnetonka Choral Society

If you would like to join us, support our non-profit organization or buy concert tickets, please call 952-476-1922 or contact the MCS. We look forward to sharing beautiful music with you!

Get concert tickets:
Tickets will be available at Will Call on the day of the concert.